Survey shows that attention spans have been declining. It has declined to 8 seconds in 2012 from 12 seconds in 2000. 8 seconds are really a short time to grab the attention. Visitors are not interested in reading the text-only web pages as they are not interesting. That is why Landing page videos insists the viewer to stick to that website.

The time span of a landing page video is just 1-2 minutes, but it describes the company its product and services in a precise and appealing way. People prefer viewing the videos rather than reading the text and they just press the exit button after having a look over the video.

Let's check out an example:
When secugo added the video to their landing page, they realized a 64% increase in the conversion rate. Moreover, the video helped them to earn additional revenue of $15000 monthly. Similar outcomes have been noticed by landing page videos on Secugo, Gradleap, Techmahindra, Cisco and Qualcom.