We are into this business accidently.

In 2012 Rahul Panwar made an explainer video for H2 Goals. He'd co-designer with a friend made that video to promote H2goals service, and became his first successful promotional video creator.

Within a year we have enough paying customer to make an explainer video for them year later, then he incorporated as 75seconds.

We are here to Break through the clutter with your own video, We're here to explain complex information into simple , understandable into a shout video message to promote your business and service .People generally watch explainer video to learn and we like to help make that happen.

At 75seconds we create more than 150 handcraft & short promotional video for our large and small business . Video produce by us are 100% unique and handcrafted. We create small video but they make good impact on your sale.

You can watch our journey….. to know more about 75 seconds Want to learn more about our process? We explain How we Works.